Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mid Semester

Plans for the summer=Mexico, Belize, EFY.
Saturday night=fireworks and lanterns with random friends.
Polaroids=totes retro.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Artist Statement

Time to wander.  That phrase perfectly sums up everything in my life as of right now.  My age, experience and time of life are prime conditions for exploring, curiosity, adventure, learning, and wandering.  I'm constantly discovering the beauties of the world.  The beauty that God creates and subtly incorporates into the smallest of things as well as the life and energy every object we touch has been given by Him.  I've recently found the beauty of mankind manipulating these elements we find naturally and making abstract or unusual combinations.  Like a photograph overlapped with a filter, colors that weren't originally there, or meshing multiple pictures to make one.  When it comes down to art and me, I'm exploring the possibilities. I've been discovering what I'm drawn to, what I have a desire to create and how.  I'm not exactly lost, but learning. I am wandering.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Looking back at 2014 i find the highlight of my year was toward the end. I got to live in California which i loved. Then i got to come home to a house full of everyone which i loved even more!! I sure miss those nieces and nephews that make being Aunt jessica the best thing ever. Late night talks and games with the sibs. And to top it off, going to the temple and receiving the best gift.  Being in the temple was indescribable and I am soooo grateful for sister weeks in california who prepared me for that moment perfectly. The highlight of that day was being in the celestial room with my best friend and most importantly ALL of my family.  There isn't a more perfect scene that captures Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Passion: an intense desire or enthusiasm for life.

Just figuring out my passion in life.  I'll let you know once I pin point it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last internship post

Sadly I had to leave sunny California, and it was right before I got to see all of the details I helped plan for this last wedding come together! Which is a shame because this wedding is right up my alley in taste (incuding the heavenly sight of mountains of donuts!!).  The inspiration came from Coldplay's "Sky Full of Stars" song, which had sentimental meaning to the couple, along with a lush winter vibe to tie it all in. These photos are courtesy of Jessica Kettle.  She did an amazing job, as well as Amorology who always gets the details just right.  I am so pleased to say I was fortunate enough to work with these people who have such amazing work attached to their names.

 Yes, the following 3 perspective angles of this place setting are necessary.

"Cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you"

personalized labels for party favors.

As I mentioned, the details.....always just right.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The adventure of hiking a potato

 Man, you have to take it easy on potato chips in order to hike to potato chip rock... it was tougher than expected! But sooooo pretty and December is the perfect time to hike in California. We also brought along Chastity the cat because she needs adventures every once in a while.  Yes i look like a goof, but my sparkle converse and flower leggings were all i had here in Cali!

the view. Breathtaking!

best Christmas gift, getting your bff flown out to Cali for a week.

I call this, the Circle of Life.

Going out with a bang, celebrating Christmas with the friends at a sweater party.  I'm going to miss these people. Hopefully I'll be back!!

Swoon Worthy

Ok so i just got some sneak peeks at the last wedding i helped with on my internship and they're beautiful!! I'm only sharing the details, but the pictures of the couple were to die for, stunning and I wish i could share them with you. Anyway, here's a professional look (photos by Brandon Kidd Photography) at our work for Carlie and Nate who have been told they were "cut from the same cloth".

Throwback to my very first wedding! 12 hours in 100+ degree weather. Definitely memorable. It's been a blast working with these girls.